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60 minutes to rejuvenate your body & mind

Setting up the Heat Healer

  • Lay the Heat Healer on a flat surface that is comfortable and insulated from the ground (eg, a bed or thick rug is perfect). Avoid laying the Heat Healer on a hard surface (ie, tiles, floor boards or concrete) especially in winter, as a hard floor may draw away heat from the Heat Healer, plus it probably wont feel all that comfortable. You always want to use a thick insulated surface like a bed or rug as this will help to keep the most heat within the Heat Healer and it is the most comfortable.
  • Always place a thin towel in the Heat Healer first and make sure to cover the full length of the Jade & Tourmaline stones. 
  • Turn the Heat Healer on and set it to your desired temperature. 70c (158f) is a good starting temperature and you can then adjust either up or down depending on how your body feels. The maximum temperature is 80c (176f).
  • Allow the Heat Healer to pre-heat for a minimum of 15 minutes before getting in. If you like it hotter, you can chose to pre-heat for even longer (eg 20-30mins)

PRO TIP: Using the Heat Healer on a bed is the best option. It is comfortable and it is the best at keeping all the heat contained within the Heat Healer, as a bed acts as great insulation from the floor. Just remember to place a towel under your head/neck. Even though the Heat Healer is fully waterproof, your head is still outside the blanket and you will still sweat from your head. 

IMPORTANT: As the Heat Healer warms up and throughout the session, you will hear the control unit make a slight 'click' sound from time to time. This is normal and it is the process the control unit goes through in order to adjust and self-regulate to the correct temperature.

What to wear

Wear loose fitting cotton clothing from top to toe (including socks!). We know that this sounds weird and you might think it will be uncomfortable, but trust us it works and it is best. 

How to keep in the most heat within the Heat Healer

You should always listen to your own body with regards to how hot you want to the Heat Healer to get. Never try to push yourself. However, if you want to ensure that the Heat Healer maintains its maximum heat, here are some tips:

  • The maximum temperature is 80c (176f). This temperature setting is for people who like it hot. 
  • The longer you allow the Heat Healer to pre-heat, the hotter it will become. 15 minutes is the minimum, however you may choose to pre-heat for even longer in order to get the maximum effect. The longer, the hotter.
  • Use a thin towel on top of the Jade & Tourmaline stone as opposed to a thick towel.
  • Have a thick towel draped over your shoulders where the opening is. This will help trap in the heat. Plus when you sweat from your head, it comes in handy to be able to wipe your face.
  • Try to just lay still and don't fidget. Moving around too much will let the heat escape.
  • Keep you hands and arms directly by the side of your body (not pushed out to the sides). The Heat Healer is hottest in the center of the blanket.

Following these steps above, most people would begin to get a sweat going after about 30-40 minutes.

How to get the most out of the experience

Use your time in the Heat Healer to lay still and try to unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Try not to fidget or get distracted. Just relax and let the infrared heat work its magic to rejuvenate your body and mind. The first 30 minutes will feel warm and snug whilst the second 30 minutes will start to feel more intense.

Here are a few things you can do to relax yourself whilst using the Heat Healer.

  • Practice meditation. 
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Practice breathwork (slow, focused and purposeful breathwork is best whilst using the Heat Healer).
  • Listen to some of your favorite music.
  • Listen to your favorite podcast.

How to clean and pack away the Heat Healer

  • Turn the Heat Healer off and open it up fully.
  • By using a towel and wearing loose fitting cotton clothes, cleaning should be minimal and easy. Simply wipe the blanket down with any natural cleaning product or even with just water and a cloth. 
  • Make sure to allow the Heat Healer to cool down fully before folding it up and putting it away. Failure to let the Heat Healer cool down may cause damage if you fold it up whilst it is still hot.

Safety precautions and user manual

It is important to remember that the Heat Healer is a heat therapy device and it needs to be used safely and responsibly. Make sure to click on the links below to download our important health and safety precautions, as well as read through the user manual.

What to do if there is a problem

Problems with the Heat Healer are rare, but if they do happen then we are here to help and your purchase is covered by a 3-year product warranty. Please email us at hello@heathealer.com for further assistance.

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