Energy Sauna: With Triple Threat Technology

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Heats up faster than a traditional infrared sauna, reaches a higher temperature, and combines full-body PEMF & Red LED Light. Designed to look beautiful in any room of your house, yet portable enough to store away in less than 3 minutes when needed.

Full Body Rejuvenation, Powered by Triple Threat Technology™:

  • Far Infrared Heat (8,000nm-10,000nm): Immerse yourself in soothing Far Infrared Heat, fine-tuned to the optimal wavelength for deep cellular penetration. This heat alleviates tension in muscles and joints, whilst inducing a deeply detoxifying sweat, leaving you feeling radiant and rejuvenated.
  • PEMF Technology (1-30Hz): Enhance your peak performance with PEMF technology. By stimulating the mitochondria in your cells, PEMF aids in cellular recovery and repair, boosting overall wellness.
  • Red LED Light (660nm): Harness the illuminating power of Red LED Light to revitalize your skin, giving it a youthful glow. This technology works harmoniously with Far Infrared Heat and PEMF to provide a comprehensive holistic experience.
  • Far Infrared Heating: High emissivity nichrome heating elements emit far infrared in the range of 8,000-10,000nm, ideal for deep cellular penetration. These elements heat both the domes (up to 90°C/194°F) and the PEMF mat (up to 80°C/176°F).
  • PEMF Technology: The mat includes four powerful PEMF emitters that operate between 1-30Hz with an intensity of 1 Gauss in a Sine Wave form.
  • Red LED Light Therapy: Equipped with 36 Red LED Lights, calibrated to emit light at 660nm with an intensity of 11mw/cm², making it suitable for up to 60 minutes of exposure.
  • Crystals & Negative Ion Beds: The mat contains 55 pockets filled with monochromatic negative ion beads and crystals, including black tourmaline and clear quartz, which help evenly distribute heat and create a natural experience.
  • Modular Design: Setting up and packing away the Energy Sauna takes less than 3 minutes. The lightweight domes and mat are easily managed by a single person.
  • Standard Power Outlet Compatible: The Energy Sauna operates with a standard power outlet, requiring no special electrical work.
  • Lie-Down Comfort: Unlike traditional cabin saunas, the Energy Sauna allows you to lie flat for greater comfort.
  • Head-Out Design: Designed for your head to remain outside the sauna, this feature ensures you are not breathing hot air, making the experience more comfortable. Despite your head being outside, you will still sweat from your face as the sauna works to increase your core body temperature.
  • Close To The Source: Unlike traditional cabin saunas, the Energy Sauna places your body in close proximity to the infrared, red light, and PEMF sources (only 6 to 10 inches away). This ensures that your body absorbs more of these beneficial technologies, minimizing loss to the surroundings.
  • PEMF Mat Cover: A double-sided mat cover with a top layer of 100% plush cotton and a bottom layer of 100% dense cotton canvas. The cover absorbs sweat and keeps your Energy Sauna clean.
  • Waterproof Head Pillow: A waterproof pillow is included for added comfort.
  • Heat Insulating Curtain: A heat-insulating curtain ensures heat is retained inside the Energy Sauna during your session.

Upgrade your health and wellness with the Energy Sauna by Heat Healer.

Experience the next generation of sauna technology, harnessing the power of Far Infrared Heat (8,000-10,000nm), Red LED Light (660nm), and PEMF (pulsed magnetic energy) for a full-body, transformative experience.

The Energy Sauna revolutionizes the way we achieve optimal health, providing unparalleled benefits for both mind and body.

The Sauna Redefined

A Statement Piece For Your Home:
Designed with modern lifestyles in mind, the Energy Sauna boasts beautiful aesthetics, making it a statement and conversation piece in any room. Its compact footprint offers space-saving benefits.

Unmatched Heat:
Experience an unparalleled sauna session with the Energy Sauna's intense heat. It surpasses traditional infrared saunas, reaching higher temperatures more quickly.

Holistic Health Benefits:
Unlock additional health and wellness benefits with the inclusion of Red LED Light and PEMF technology.

Beautiful In Any Room, Packs Away In Minutes:
The Energy Sauna complements the aesthetics of any room in your home, while remaining portable enough to store away when needed. It takes less than 3 minutes to set up and requires no special installation or electrical configuration. When packed in its case, the Energy Sauna measures just 35" x 37" x 22", small enough to fit neatly in a corner, storage closet, or garage.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or questions, you should always consult a doctor or health professional before use. Our products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease and are not medical devices.

Do not use the Energy Sauna if you have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device for delivering medicine to the body.

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Developed by leading engineers in collaboration with health industry experts, the Energy Sauna is designed to be the world's most versatile home sauna. Featuring Heat Healer’s proprietary Triple Threat Technology™, it delivers an unparalleled holistic experience.

This advanced technology combines Far Infrared (8,000nm to 10,000nm), Red LED light (660nm), and PEMF (1Hz to 30Hz) to support full-body relaxation, rejuvenation, and recovery.

In addition to its powerful health benefits, the Energy Sauna is also a stylish addition to any home, with aesthetics that seamlessly complement any room.

Far Infrared

The Energy Sauna has been perfectly designed with a unique dome shape to radiate heat with 360 degree coverage around your entire body with advanced high emissivity nichrome heating panels that emit Far Infrared at between 8,000nm to 10,00nm. This is the ideal wavelength for deep tissue penetration, leading to optimate health benefits.

Compared to a traditional wood cabin infrared sauna, the Energy Sauna will heat up faster and it will reach a higher maximum temperature.

The end result is a deeper, purifying sweat as you feel any tension melt away from your body.

Red LED Light

Revitalise your skin with the benefits of Red LED Light in the 660nm wavelength at a mild intensity of 11 mw/cm2 - suitable for up to 60-minutes of exposure time.

Red LED light in this wavelength is able to penetrate into your skin whilst stimulating your mitochondria for enhanced rejuvenation.

The result is that your skin will feel refreshed with a healthy revitalized glow.


The mat of the Energy Sauna contains four PEMF emitters that release bursts of magnetic energy designed to mimic the Earth's natural magnetic field in the frequency range of 1Hz-30Hz, with an intensity of up to 1 Gauss and a Sine Wave form.

PEMF works by penetrating deep into your body whilst stimulating the mitochondria in your cells.

Your mitochondria are the power house within your cells and are responsible for producing ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the energy source your cells use to recover and repair.



You start to feel relaxed as your body warms up and your mind switches off. You will begin to feel as though you are entering into a deep meditative rest.



This is when the heat starts to kick in & you will likely be sweating. Your body will be burning calories, much like a mimetic for exercise.



Your body will start to experience the full benefits of infrared, including muscle rejuvenation, sweating out impurities and full body relaxation.



You’ve entered hormesis (Google it), and you’re feeling good. You’re energized, centered and poised for peak performance.


The Energy Sauna has been perfectly designed with a unique dome shape to radiate heat with 360 degree coverage around your entire body with advanced high emissivity nichrome heating panels.

Compared to a traditional wood cabin infrared sauna, the Energy Sauna will heat up faster and it will reach a higher maximum temperature.

The end result is a deeper, purifying sweat as you feel any tension melt away from your body.


The Energy Sauna has been designed to beautifully complement the aesthetic of any room in your house, yet it is portable enough to store away when needed.

It takes less than 3-minutes to set up and does not require any special installation or electrical configuration.

When packed up in its case, the Energy Sauna is just 35" x 37" x 22". Small enough fit nicely in the corner of a room, or packed away in a storage closet or garage.

Head-Out, Lie-Down Design for Maximum Comfort and Benefits

The Energy Sauna is specifically designed to allow you to lie flat with your head outside the sauna. This position ensures that you remain comfortable for longer periods, enabling extended sessions to maximize the benefits.

With your head outside the sauna, you avoid breathing in hot air, drying out your skin, or damaging your hair. This innovative design maintains your comfort while still providing the full benefits of infrared technology.

Even with your head outside, your core body temperature is still rising effectively, delivering full-body benefits and you will still sweat from your face. This thoughtful design ultimately offers a more comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable sauna experience without compromising therapeutic advantages.

Close To The Source For Maximum Benefit

Unlike traditional cabin saunas, the Energy Sauna is designed to place your body in close proximity to the sources of infrared, red light, and PEMF technology. Positioned just 6 to 10 inches away from these therapeutic elements, your body can absorb more of their benefits directly and efficiently.

This strategic design minimizes the loss of these beneficial technologies to the surroundings, ensuring that you receive the maximum therapeutic effect. By being closer to the source, your body can more effectively harness the healing properties of infrared, red light, and PEMF, leading to enhanced relaxation, rejuvenation, and recovery.


Join the thousands of customers who've supercharged their healing journeys.


Triple Threat Technology with Far Infrared, Red LED and PEMF.


Easy to setup, easy to pack away. Full of benefits.

  • Lay out the PEMF mat.
  • Place down the mat cover.
  • Position the domes.
  • Pre-heat for 20 minutes.
  • Turn on the red light & PEMF.
  • Slide into the Energy Sauna.
  • Enjoy your sauna session!
  • Pack away for next time!


3 times a week


20-60 minutes


Up to 90c (196f)


Not all saunas are created equal.

The Rest
  • Triple Threat Technology
  • Beautiful in any room
  • Packs away in 3-mins
  • Standard electrical
  • Heats up faster
  • High maximum temperature
  • Lie-down design
  • Head-out design
  • Certified toxin free
  • EMF blocking technology
  • Safety certifications
  • 5-year product warranty
  • 30 day returns
  • Lifetime trade-in policy
  • Affordable
  • Infrared only
  • Bulky & ugly design
  • Permanent fixture
  • Electrician needed
  • Slow heat up time
  • Low maximum temperature
  • Upright & uncomfortable
  • Hot stuffy air
  • No certifications
  • High EMF output
  • No safety certifications
  • 1-year warranty or less
  • No returns
  • No trade-in policy
  • Overpriced
"Since starting to use this amazing at-home sauna, I have cancelled my membership to the wellness studio I frequented for their infrared sauna sessions. The Energy Sauna gives me the same effect, sweat, and glow with much more convenience."
"The dome shaped device features infrared heat, red light and pulsed magnetic energy."
"The most relaxing way to burn calories."
"... the perfect way to relax…"
"Heat Healer is one of the best on the market."



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