PEMF, Infrared & Red LED Therapy Body Belt

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The most effective heat wrap you have ever used. Far Infrared at 8,000nm to 10,000nm for deep tissue penetration. Red LED at 660nm for glowing skin. PEMF at 1Hz-30Hz to stimulate your cells mitochondria for faster recovery.

Targeted recovery and rejuvenation with Triple Threat Technology™.

  • Soothe your body.
  • Target specific body parts.
  • Deep tissue penetration.
  • Skin revitalization with Red LED.
  • Stimulate your cells mitochondria with PEMF for enhanced recovery.
  • Improve general wellbeing.
  • Far Infrared Heating: High emissivity nichrome heating elements emit far infrared in the range of 8,000-10,000nm, ideal for deep tissue penetration.
  • PEMF Technology: Two powerful PEMF emitters operate between 1-30Hz with an intensity of 1 Gauss in a Sine Wave form.
  • Red LED Light Therapy: Equipped with 8 Red LED Lights, calibrated to emit light at 660nm with an intensity of 11mw/cm², making it suitable for up to 60 minutes of exposure.
  • Crystals & Negative Ion Beds: 44 pockets filled with monochromatic negative ion beads and crystals, including black tourmaline and clear quartz, which help evenly distribute heat and amplify the emissivity of the infrared.
  • Mains Powered: Unlike heat pads that run on lithium ion batteries, the Body Belt is mains powered, meaning it never looses its charge and is able to operate at a far greater intensity that other heat pads.
  • Portable Carry Bag: A small tote bag is provided with your purchase, making storage easy.
  • Adjustable Extension Piece: And extension piece is provided with the Body Belt, making the size adjustable for all body types and body areas.

Welcome to your body's new bestie. The Heat Healer Body Belt with Triple Threat Technology.

Combining infrared heat, red LED light, and PEMF (pulsed magnetic energy) to create a powerful holistic tool designed to soothe your body, relieve stress, enhance relaxation, rejuvenate muscles, and promote healthy, glowing skin.

Far Infrared Heat (8,000nm to 10,000nm)

The Body Belt utilizes a nichrome heating element to produce soothing infrared heat, reaching temperatures up to 140°F (60°C) for up to 60 minutes. Infrared heat penetrates deeply into the body, helping to relax and rejuvenate muscles and joints, specifically targeting areas such as the lower back, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and upper back.

This infrared heat is further enhanced by consistent heat distribution through 44 individual pockets filled with Jade, Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Amber, Amethyst Crystals, and Negative-Ion Producing Clay Beads. These materials absorb, retain, and evenly disperse heat, providing a deep heat experience that offers significant relief and comfort.

Red LED Light (660nm)

The Body Belt includes eight powerful red LED lights emitting wavelengths of 660nm. These red lights help rejuvenate and cleanse the skin, enhancing its natural glow and recovery processes.


PEMF technology generates magnetic fields within the Earth’s natural frequency range of 1Hz-30Hz, offering a grounding effect on the body, whilst stimulating the mitochondria in your cells.

These magnetic fields help enhance relaxation and alleviate stress, complementing the infrared heat to support the body’s natural recovery processes.

By integrating these three advanced technologies, the Body Belt delivers a comprehensive and effective approach to holistic health and wellness.


Remember to consult your healthcare provider before use if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Our products are designed to enhance your wellness journey, not to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical conditions.

Our full user manual with all health and safety precautions can be accessed here: Click Here To Access User Manual

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The Most Effective Heat Wrap You Have Ever Used

Designed by leading engineers with guidance from health industry experts, the Heat Healer Body Belt is the best heat wrap you will ever use, and the last one you will ever need to buy.

Featuring Heat Healer’s proprietary Triple Threat Technology™, it delivers an unparalleled holistic experience.

This advanced technology combines Far Infrared (8,000nm to 10,000nm) for deep tissue penetration, Red LED light (660nm) for skin rejuvenation, and PEMF (1Hz to 30Hz) faster recovery at a cellular level.

Red LED Light (660nm)

The Body Belt features eight powerful red LED lights operating at a wavelength of 660nm and an intensity of 11mW/cm². This specific wavelength is ideal for penetrating the skin to promote healthy, glowing skin.

With an intensity of 11mW/cm², it is suitable for up to one hour of exposure.

Jade and Tourmaline Stones

Behind the layer of crystals and insulated with soft cotton is our Far Infrared heating element, which operates at wavelengths between 8,000nm and 10,000nm. These wavelengths are ideal for deep tissue penetration, allowing the Body Belt to deliver the benefits of infrared deep into your body.


The final layer of the Body Belt features two PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) emitters, which produce a low-frequency magnetic field of 30Hz with an intensity of 1 gauss. This low-frequency magnetic field aligns with the natural magnetic fields found in nature and is at the optimal intensity for penetrating your cells to stimulate your mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the powerhouses within each of your cells, playing a crucial role in cellular repair and recovery.



You will feel relaxed as the gentle warmth of Far Infrared penetrates your body, while the Red LED Light and PEMF activate your body's repair functions.



Tension will melt away, and your skin will feel rejuvenated as the Red LED Light revitalizes your skin tissue.



Your body will experience the full benefits of Far Infrared, Red LED Light, and PEMF, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.



The long-term rejuvenation and recovery benefits will begin to emerge as PEMF stimulates your mitochondria for long term recovery and repair.


Join thousands of customers who've supercharged their healing journeys.



Convenient, easy to use and easy to pack away.

  • Pick where to use your Body Belt.
  • A chair, lounge or bed is perfect.
  • Ensure all cables are plugged in.
  • Set the temperature from Levels 1-9.
  • Apply to the body part you wish to target.
  • Enjoy the soothing benefits of Triple Threat Technology.


3 times a week


20-60 minutes


Levels 1-9


This is not your ordinary heat pad.

The Rest
  • Mains powered
  • Far Infrared heat
  • Red LED Light
  • PEMF
  • Crystals & negative ions
  • Certified toxin free
  • Safety tested
  • 3-year product warranty
  • 30 day returns
  • Lifetime trade-in policy
  • Battery powered
  • Copper (not real infrared)
  • Not included
  • Not included
  • No included
  • No certifications
  • No certifications
  • 1-year warranty or less
  • 30 day returns
  • No trade-in policy
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