By following these instructions, you can ensure a safe, comfortable, and effective experience with your Heat Healer Infrared Sauna Blanket. Enjoy your journey to better health and wellness!

IMPORTANT: Before using the Heat Healer, thoroughly read our full user manual and health and safety precautions. Consult with a medical professional if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

Quick Start Tips & Tricks

These tips are a quick reference. Please read the full instructions below for detailed guidance.

  1. Surface: Use your sauna blanket on a flat, insulated surface, such as a bed, rug, carpet or yoga mat.
  2. Cover & Zip: Place a towel over the Jade & Tourmaline stones, or use our cotton waffle insert (sold separately). Then zip the sauna blanket back up.
  3. Pre-Heat: Set the temperature (Level 9 is the highest) and pre-heat for at least 20 minutes to ensure optimal warmth. The longer you pre-heat, the hotter the sauna blanket will become.
  4. Entry: Enter the sauna blanket from the top and slide down. Try to not let out too much heat.
  5. Heat Retention: Drape a towel over your shoulders to trap heat.
  6. Enjoy: Relax and enjoy your sauna session.
  7. Cool Down: Allow the sauna blanket to cool down fully. 
  8. Pack Away: Fold the sauna blanket up and pack away. We recommend keeping the controller connected to the bottom of the blanket.

A full temperature chart, showing the Fahrenheit and Celsius equivalents for each level, is provided at the end of this document.

How to use your infrared sauna blanket

Part One: Choosing a Location

  • Environment: Use your sauna blanket in a comfortable, quiet place on an insulated surface (rug, carpet, bed, or yoga mat). Do not use on a water bed or near water.
  • Surface: Always use the Heat Healer on a flat surface. Avoid using it on a recliner or any surface where it might get crimped, twisted, or wedged.

    Where to use your Heat Healer Sauna Blanket 

    Part Two: Pre-heating

    • Setup: Set your desired temperature (Level 9 is the highest) and timer (60-minutes is the maximum). Ensure a towel or sauna blanket insert is already in place over the stones.
    • Duration: Press the green 'Start' button and allow the sauna blanket to pe-heat for at least 20 minutes. The longer you pre-heat, the hotter it will get.
    • Timer: Do not let the timer run to zero during pre-heating, as this will turn off the blanket, causing heat loss. Instead, just adjust the timer back up when you are ready to enter the sauna blanket.

      Part Three: Preparing Your Body Before Your Session

      • Shower: Take a warm shower to open your pores and activate sweat glands. This will help you to sweat more.
      • Hydrate: Stay well-hydrated.
      • Dry Brush: Consider dry brushing your skin to rejuvenate and activate the lymphatic system. 

      Part Four: Entering the Sauna Blanket

      IMPORTANT: Perform the 'pat test' to ensure the surface temperature is suitable for your skin. Test the top, middle, and lower sections with your hand.

      IMPORTANT: Ensure there is always a barrier between your skin and direct contact with the sauna blanket. This means having a towel over the stones and wearing loose fitting cotton clothes. Alternatively, if you use our cotton waffle sauna blanket insert, there is not need for additional clothing or towels.

      • Entry: Adjust the timer back up (e.g., 60 minutes). Enter the blanket from the top, minimizing heat loss by keeping it closed.

        Entering the blanket


        Part Five: Heat Retention at Shoulders

        • Trap The Heat: Drape a large towel over the shoulder opening to trap heat and enhance your experience. Try to keep the sauna blanket as sealed up as possible.



          Part Six: Adjustments for Comfort

          • Arms: You may choose to keep your arms outside if you find this more comfortable.
          • Feet: Open the foot flap if your feet are too hot or your feel too much pressure on your feet.
          • Activities: Engage in meditation, listen to music, a podcast, or simply relax.


            Part Seven: Clean Up and Storage

            • Cool Down: Allow the blanket to cool completely before folding.
            • Clean: Wipe down with any surface spray or antibacterial wipes.
            • Disconnect: Unplug from the power supply on the wall.
            • Storage: Fold the controller into the blanket and store in the portable carry bag. We recommend leaving the controller connected to the bottom of the blanket at all times.


              Frequently Asked Questions

              How much will I sweat?:

              • Everyone sweats differently. If you are not sweating as much as desired, try increasing the pre-heating time, take a warm shower before the session, and keep a towel over your shoulders.
              • Even without sweat, the infrared heat provides benefits such as muscle relaxation, inflammation reduction, improved blood flow, heat shock protein release, and skin benefits.

              Temperature Levels:

              • Maximum temperature is Level 9 (80°C / 176°F). This is the temperature of the internal heating element.
              • Level 9 results in a surface temperature of the materials of 60°C (140°F).

              Sauna Session Expectations:

              • Infrared saunas differ from traditional dry saunas by warming the body directly, resulting in a gradual heat increase.
              • The first 30 minutes will feel warm and snug; the second 30 minutes will become more intense.

              What to Do During Sessions:

              • Relax and disconnect from distractions. Consider meditation, listening to music or podcasts, practicing breathwork, or simply doing nothing.