The Body Belt that busts out three kinds of technology to help fight stubborn fat and boost your metabolism 




It can be increasingly challenging to shift stubborn fat around our waist and hips as we get older and enjoy living our lives to their fullest (Chocolate! Carbs! Children!)

We don’t need to tell you that regular exercise and a balanced diet are the key to staying fit and maintaining a healthy body weight over the long term, but should we call on technology to help augment the effects of a healthy lifestyle? At Heat Healer we firmly believe the answer is yes!

The technologies in the new Body Belt are PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field), Infrared heat (like in our OG Infrared personal sauna blankets), and Red Light Therapy (yep, like in LED face masks). 

Research tells us that weight loss can be assisted by:

  • Circulation a 2016 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, found that increasing blood flow in brown fat (a type of fat we all have scattered around our bodies and helps regulate sugar and fat metabolism) causes it to burn more calories in mice. Both PEMFs and heat therapy have been shown to increase circulation, blood flow and enable more nutrients to be delivered to body tissues (bonus!). 
  • Cell energy - when the energy levels in our cells dips, they cluster together, and this can slow metabolism. PEMF therapy stimulates our cells, in effect ‘powering them up’, and helps speed up metabolism. Re-energising cells also has a knock on effect, increasing our sense of energy, and helping heal damaged muscles and joints. This supports our ability to keep doing the physical activity that will help burn more calories and boost metabolism further. 
  • Consistency - there is no weight loss program in the world that will work long term without consistency. This means the approach has to be something you can commit to doing regularly, as well as something you enjoy. The ability to use the Body Belt in the comfort of your own home - whilst working, cleaning or relaxing - can help break down those barriers and eliminate excuses. 

We recommend using the Body Belt for 20 minutes, three times a week to start seeing (and feeling) the effects. Even better, use the Body Belt post-workout to aid recovery and ease tension in those hard-working muscles.

Wait, we haven’t mentioned the third piece of the technology trifecta: Red Light Therapy! Red Light Therapy has been shown to improve the appearance of skin by stimulating collagen and increasing the growth rate of fibroblasts - so whilst it may not be playing a role breaking down fat, it can certainly help make the area you‘re targeting look smoother and more youthful - win! 

The real kicker with Heat Healer’s Body Belt is the ability to use the device to target the area where you really want results - not only around your waist and abdomen, but thighs, buttocks and breasts too. 

Let’s remember that we all come in different shapes and sizes so the most important thing is to feel your best and be comfortable in your own skin.