The Benefits of Heat Therapy

by Johnny Bang
The Benefits of Heat Therapy

The benefits of heat therapy and sauna sessions are becoming well known with recommendations coming from many health and wellness practitioners. With so much research and science in support of these benefits, it is no wonder people are so eager to spruik the benefits of heat therapy.

On this page, we have collated together the best videos and interviews we could find that discuss the various benefits of heat therapy and why you should incorporate it into your regular health and wellness routine.

#1. Thomas DeLauer (Sauna & Heat Exposure: Secret Weapon to Faster Results) 

#2. Joe Rogan and Rhonda Patrick (Crazy health benefits of sauna)

#3. Devin Burke (7 Amazing Benefits Of Infrared Sauna Therapy)

#4. Jason Bracht (Why You Need to be Using a Sauna)

#5. Dr. Eric Berg DC (The 8 Benefits of Using a Dry Sauna)